Our Teachers

Colin Matthews - Director

Colin invites an ever-evolving conversation, with one’s self and the community.  His teaching is infused with passion for life, self-empowerment, healing and the power of intention. His light-hearted spirit inspires a playful and engaged practice that is deeply rooted in the Anusara tradition.

Colin draws continued inspiration from his teachers, Naime Jezzeny, Sue Elkind, Sianna Sherman and Douglas Brooks.  He has also studied with Bikram Choudhry, Judith Lasater, Ken Nateshvar Scott, and John Friend. 

Colin co-teaches Kula’s advance study and teacher training
certification program.

Off the mat, he’s known to climb great rock faces, indulge in woodworking, and cherish time with his wife, Anne Marie.

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Uttanasana (Forward bend), because it requires tremendous humility to look inward and honour one's boundaries.

Grant Hutchinson - Teacher

Grant invites students to explore stillness, whether in an energetic practice of Ashtanga Yoga or in the receptive quiet of Yin Yoga. His teaching fosters a supportive and non-competitive environment, encouraging students to embrace the gifts of the present moment.  

He continues to study in great depth with Ron Reid and Michael Stone. The words of Pattabhi Jois, "practice, practice, practice and all is coming" are embodied in Grant’s devotion to yoga.

Off the mat, he weaves beautiful textiles for his granted line.

Grant Hutchinson
Favourite Yoga Posture:

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel), because it's an exploration into the unknown with an open heart

Megan Trimble - Teacher

Megan approaches teaching through the eyes of a perpetual student, yet will the wisdom of a seasoned teacher. She is committed to supporting her students on their journey of exploration and healing.

Megan trained at the school of Yoga Therapy and Natural Medicine in Toronto. Her primary styles of teaching are 10 body Kundalini and Classical Hatha, as well as Ashtanga.  Megan credits, Archa Mati with having the greatest influence on her teaching.

Off the mat, Megan’s passion for film and theatre is seen on screen and on stage as a writer, producer and actor. 


Favourite Yoga Posture:

Savasana, because it can be the most challenging

Marinella Nesso - Teacher

Marinella’s passion for life radiates as she creatively weaves asana, alignment and Tantric philosophy through her class.  Although a  devoted Anusara yogi, her teaching also encompasses Pre-Natel Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Yoga Therapeutics.

She draws great wisdom and inspiration from her teachers Sianna Sherman, Todd Norian, Paul Muller Ortega, Darren Rhodes and John Friend.  Marinella’s teaching is intelligent, playful, and charismatic – her smile and laugh are contagious! She is an Anusara-Inspired teacher, and well on her way to becoming a fully certified Anusara teacher.

When not on her yoga mat, Marinella can be found enjoying city landscapes, riding her bicycle through Kensington Market or climbing walls!

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Vrksasana (Tree), because she hopes to be a Yoga Master one day on the Wii Fit!

Rebecca Tseng - Teacher

Rebecca’s teaching captivates the strength, precision and dance of the Ashtanga practice.  She connects deeply with students, sharing her worldly wonder and awe, while inspiring students to explore their fullest expression.

Rebecca continues to study many styles of yoga, however her principle practice is Ashtanga. She is deeply moved by the teachings of Dharma Mittra, and she is gratefully for the playful spirit of David Robson and David Gellineau on her path. 

When not teaching, Rebecca cherishes practicing yoga with her son, Max – he leads, she follows!

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Hanumanasana (forward splits). "It was the greatest leap ever taken," according to Ramayana. It reminds her of the strength and devotion required to cultivate one's yoga practice, on and off the mat.

Sonja Patterson - Teacher

Sonja’s class awakens the teacher within, as she weaves alignment principles with universal wisdom. Her passion and curiosity to deepen her knowledge enriches all who are around her. 

Sonja teaches a dynamic hot flow class which blends Anusara and Moksha Yoga. She draws on the inspiring teaching of Naime Jezzeny, Sue Elkind, John Friend, Colin Matthews, and Christi-an Slomka.

Off the mat, Sonja has a soft spot for furry friends! She dedicates much time to loving animals, her own and those in need.

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Anjaneye Asana (Back Bending Lunge), a wonderful manifestation of strength and openness

Sofia Jambor - Teacher

Sofia’s playful and exuberant presence infuses her teaching, lighting the way to compassion and acceptance on the mat and beyond. Her classes help students skillfully expand their boundaries from the inside out as they delve deeper on their personal journeys.

She is grateful for the inspired teachings of Colin Matthews, Naime Jezzeny and Judith Lasater on her path as a student and teacher.

Off the mat, you’re likely to find her climbing, hiking, running bootcamps or traveling to foreign lands.


Favourite Yoga Posture:

Drop back into Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel), because it requires inner strength, trust, a courageous open heart and a strong foundation to leap back into the unknown and let the universe catch you

Joanne Taylor - Teacher

Joanne teaches a dynamic class infused with intelligence and creativity.  She skillfully weaves the biomechanics of postures with inspired expression, inviting deeper awareness on and off the mat. 

Joanne’s teaching draws from Ted Grand, Michael Siddall and Cynthia Cooperstone. She continues to study Anusara Yoga, and incorporates the principles into her teaching.

Off the mat, you’re likely to find Joanne celebrating in the great outdoors - rain or shine – on bike, skis or relaxing at the cottage with family and friends. 

Joanne Taylor bio
Favourite Yoga Posture:

Gomukhasana (Cow), because it invites focus and openness, which her body and spirit happily embrace

Kim Radovich - Teacher

Kim’s uplifting teaching skillfully speaks to the larger class, yet with the intention to support and affirm the individual journey. Her classes weave creative asana that align the body, lift the spirit and ease the mind.

She is grateful for the luminous teachings of Colin Matthews, Naime Jezzeny, Todd Norian and Ann Greene on her journey as a teacher and life-long student.

Off the mat, Kim wears many hats as a mother of three and a loving wife.

Kim Radovich
Favourite Yoga Posture:

Ardha Chandrachapasana (Sugar Cane), A beautiful expression of balance, focus and expansion

Shelly Gower - Teacher

Shelley is a Hatha yoga teacher, specializing in restorative yoga at Kula.  Her teaching embodies a patient internal focus, as she invites students to welcome ease, spaciousness, and transformation on the mat and in their lives. 

Her teaching largely draws from the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions, inspired by her teachers, Nesta Falladown and Susan McClelland. Shelley is ever-grateful for the encouragement from Katie McClelland on her journey.

Off the mat, Shelley delights in watching her two boys become men, and cherishes time at the cottage with loved ones and a fabulous book!

Shelley Gower

Christine Fortier - Teacher

Christine celebrates yoga’s invitation to transform through postures, breath, awareness, and an open heart.  Her classes are uplifting, and they encourage students to connect deeper within and to the world around them. 

Christine draws continued wisdom from her teachers, Colin Matthews, Naime Jezzeny, Sianna Sherman and Baron Baptiste.

Off the mat, she is an eco buff who loves to spend time in nature with her husband, Bert and their four furry family members! 


Favourite Yoga Posture:

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon), because it invites surrender and release, both physically and emotionally

Jennifer Armilio - Teacher

Jennifer’s passion for connection inspires and empowers mothers, and mothers-to-be at Kula.  Her teaching invites intimacy with baby that enriches the heart and nourishes the body in a supportive community. 

Jennifer is grateful for the rich Ashtanga teachings of Ron Reid and Diane Bruni on her journey, as well as the pre and post natal teachings of Sasha Padron and Janet Balaskas who have guided her heart to work with mothers.

Off the mat, you’re likely to find Jennifer exploring exciting travel destinations and gardening with her three favourite men, her husband, Marco and their two beautiful boys.

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Malasana (garland pose), because it was the most beneficial during pregnancy!

Jennifer Song - Teacher

Jennifer’s teaching invites students to explore self-discovery, cultivate strength, move and live with joy and express from the heart. She encourages students to experience their bodies as a vehicle for greater insight, thus fostering self-acceptance and deeper understanding on and off the mat.

Jennifer draws inspiration from her mentors Todd Norian and Anne Greene, Joan Schaner, Allen Bateman, and Naime Jezzeny. She continues to embrace the heart-centred teachings and Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara.

Off the mat, Jennifer is a shiatsu and craniosacral therapist. She loves being Mom to her two girls, and she bravely takes on home improvement projects with great pleasure!

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Virasana (hero), a deep invitation and surrender to the divine

Jen Irvine - Teacher

Jen’s teaching balances a playful exploration with an invitation to focus the mind, align the body and expand the heart. As a consummate student of yoga and life, her teaching is rich with inspiration as she welcomes students to skillfully challenge their boundaries.

Jen’s teaching draws largely from the Ashtanga tradition, and she is grateful for her inspired teachers Cynthia Funk, Eion Finn, Tim Miller, Chuck Miller, Maty Etzary and Laurie Campbell; as well as her father who always believes in her.

Off the mat, you’re likely to find Jen out for a run – even taking our Kula with her! - mountain biking, surfing, backpacking, and cherishing time with her beautiful niece, Ella.

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Utthita Trikonasona (Triangle Pose), because it invites a full extension of self while challenging the mind and balance.

Trish Dingman - Teacher

Trish’s teaching weaves a powerful Vinyasa practice with the rich process of learning, transformation and illuminated celebration through each posture and breath. She invites students to align their body, mind and heart with the guiding pulsation of an inspired life.

Trish is grateful for the guidance from her teachers, Baron Baptiste, Seane Corne and Lawrence Milman. She is currently studying Anusara Yoga with Michael Siddall, and she is ever-grateful to the students who inspire her path every day with their own quests for transformation.

Off the mat, Trish enjoys time with her playful golden retrievers, often with a run or on roller blades!

trish Dingman

Jannine Markou - Teacher

Jannine empowers each student where they are on their journey, encouraging them to embrace their embodiment, listen to their body, and let prana (breath) be their revered guide. She is a Vinyasa inspired teacher, offering flowing classes that incorporate pranayama, visualization, and Vedic Chanting while weaving principles from Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga.

Jannine draws inspiration from her mentors, Kathryn Beet, Ante Pavlovic, Sasha Padron and Patricia White. She continues to specialize her training in yoga for women, and she shares her knowledge at Kula in our prenatal and postnatal programs.

Off the mat, Jannine is a loving mother of two beautiful children, Logan and Rowan, a La Leche League leader, and a trained Doula who is well on her way to certification.

Matsyasana (fish pose), because of the expansive floating sensation when you rest after the pose

Julie Tesolin - Teacher

Julie’s passion for movement and her enthusiasm for life are ever-present in her teaching. With a playful and soulful offering, she encourages students to attune to their hearts, honour the wisdom within and celebrate the expression of one’s individual gifts.

Julie draws from the traditions of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Prenatal, Kids yoga and Anusara Yoga. She is grateful for the continued guidance from her teachers, Susie Dias, Christi-an Slomka, Michael Siddall, Sue Elkind, and Roberta Mohler.

Off the mat, Julie is an actor, a writer and a dancer, and she weaves all things creative with great dedication and inspiration!

Julie Tesolin
Favourite Yoga Posture:

Svarga Dvidasana (bird of paradise), a delightful expression of balance, bliss, and an open heart.

Elizabeth Spence - Teacher

Elizabeth's teaching is inspired with the desire to empower students through practice which embraces one’s unique expression, freedom and intelligence in the body. Her teaching celebrates the power of self-acceptance as a way to embody the beauty which resides within, and she weaves the sweet remembrance of prana, breath, with optimal alignment through each posture.

Elizabeth teaches asana with guided nuances from teachers such as Iyengar, Vanda Scaravelli, Donna Farhi, Suzy Hately and Judth Lasater.

Off the mat, Elizabeth passionately assists young musicians of the Halton Youth Symphony to express their talents and share their art! She also cherishes time to delve deeper into study, which currently involves reflexology and Thai Yoga massage.

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I), because she feels alive, in balance and strong!

Sheri Marshman - Teacher

Sheri’s teaching invites students to explore practice with joyful expression, and as a meditation in action.  With an open heart, attuned mind and balanced action in body, Sheri guides students to connect to the depth of one’s expansive Self. Sheri touches hearts with her dynamism, creativity and thoughtful reflections, and we especially love when she shares her gift of song and voice in Savasana!

Sheri is grateful for the teachers who continue to inspire her on her path as a student and teacher, such as Colin Matthews, Grant Hutchenson, Naime Jezzeny, and Sue Elkind.

Off the mat, Sheri cherishes time with her husband, Steve, and she is a loving mom to Taylor and Chloe. Sheri continues to cultivate her passion for theatre and music through community theatre productions, and of course, singing in the shower!

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog), because it invites a nurturing inward reflection while offering grounded expansion from the heart, to the hands, to the feet, to life!

Tessa Jones - Teacher

Tessa weave a dynamic and invigorating yoga flow with a playful journey of self-exploration. Her teaching welcomes students to explore asana as an opportunity to develop a relationship of mindfulness, kindness and compassion with their bodies and self, and to experience the profound effect in their daily lives.

Tessa is grateful for the illuminated guidance of Diane Bruni, Ron Reid , Michael Stone, Richard Freeman, Eddie and Nicki Modeleski, Tim Miller, Joel Kramer, and Diana Alstad on her journey as a student and as a teacher.

Off the mat, Tessa is a songstress sharing inspired music and poetry to audiences, and she delights in all forms of creative expression.

Favourite Yoga Posture:

Sirsasana , because it's like an hour glass turning over with a steady presence and connection to the flow of life.

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