Our Philosophy

We believe Yoga is an opportunity to skillfully challenge our boundaries while celebrating life.  Our teachers and the evolution of Kula are guided by the following principles:

  •  A lifelong devotion to practice, learning and self discovery.
  •  A dedication to working towards our highest good.
  •  A commitment to create a community where we can share our knowledge, playfully expand our practice, deepen the conversation within ourselves and our students, and most importantly, have fun!
  •  A desire to discover a connection to our own hearts and the world around us.


Our Directors

Colin Matthews - Director

Colin is Kula’s steadfast visionary. His fervent passion for education, healing, empowerment and skillful living propel him toward a deepening conversation with one’s self and community.

Anne Marie Matthews - Director

Anne Marie’s vision is at the heart of Kula, as she ensures the collective Kula is connected with fullness and radiating with inspired evolution.

Christi-an directors page

Christi-an Slomka - Toronto Director

Christi-an guides Kula Toronto’s community to live fully in the splendor within and all around, and savour the expansive realization of ones divine self.

Tracy Ng - Burlington Director

Tracy uplifts the Burlington Kula through her luminous invitation to live and cultivate one's yoga on and off the mat. 

Kathleen Riordon - Oakville Manager

With tremendous warmth and care, Kathleen oversees the Oakville studio to ensure students, staff, and the larger community feel the Kula love!

Jamilah Malika

Jamilah Malika - Toronto Manager

Jamilah’s contribution nurtures every aspect of community at Kula Toronto with tremendous love, gratitude and grace.

Lindsey Illot - Burlington Manager

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