Our Space

We work to be as intentioned as possible when we designed our space. Some of our choices include the following.

Cork Studio Floors

We chose cork floors for our studio for many reasons. From an environmental perspective, cork floors do not damage trees. Cork is a natural, sustainable product that is produced from tree bark. From a health perspective, cork is as a natural shock absorber (think Birkenstocks!) and it contains anti-microbes that prevent bacteria from entering the floor.

Radiant Heating

We use radiant heat panels to warm our hot studio to the desired temperature. Radiant panels warm objects, (i.e. yoga students) directly rather than the entire studio, reducing energy consumption up to forty percent.

Friendly Cleaning Products

The studio is cleaned exclusively with environmentally friendly products, which are hypo-allergenic and contain no perfumes, roleum-base solvents, which produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Once in the atmosphere, VOCs react with other chemicals to form ozone, a major pollutant. We use a VOC-free paint product that has virtually no odor or solvents, and it will not result in adverse affects on people or the quality of environment. Since we focus on breathing deeply at Kula, this choice was a must for optimal health.

Alkaline Water System and Compostable Bottled Water

Our change rooms are equipped with three-stage alkaline water filtration systems, reducing the need for bottled water. For those who do not have reusable bottles, we have found, Red Leaf, a bottled water company that uses compostable bottles for their water.

Low-Flow Toilets

Saves gallons and gallons of water with each flush!

LED Lighting

We use LED light bulbs wherever possible in our lighting at the studio (In the changerooms we have some florescent lighting).  Besides being 80% efficient (in comparison to incandescent bulbs which are only 20% efficient), LED bulbs last up to 22 years each, do not contain toxic chemicals and are recyclable.

Kula Studio Facilities: Your Choice of Space

Are you finally ready to foster harmony in your body, mind, spirit, and surroundings? Kula Oakville Yoga Studios welcomes you in its workshops, training, and classes. Throughout its years of operation, entrust that you will find every fundamental aspect of yoga here in this place.

Our team has witnessed countless powerful stories of clients/yogis of how yoga changed their lives. Aside from our effective lessons, Kula guarantees for you to achieve a state of peace and awakening, finding purpose and harmony through our specially designed facilities.

Our space

Our team has poured a lot of love and passion into designing the studio. It is our promise to work as intended as possible. As we are one community, allow us to walk you through our space.

The design

Yoga teaches us balance. That is why we ensure to mark this principle in the design of the studio. Given the dense urban surroundings of the city, our team worked with talented architects, engineers, and interior designers to provide a sensory and calming experience to contrast the said outdoor environs.

Another contrasting element seen in the studio’s interior design is the used materials. The walls’ roughness character — which was made with pebble stones, terrazzo, and cement — nicely blends with the floors’ soft, soothing character. The latter uses warmer materials, such as wood, bamboo, mattresses, cork, and tatami platforms. 

Lastly, we are more than delighted to give you high-ceiling and plenty of natural light for you to have a relaxed ambience. Our lighting is LED light bulbs. Aside from their 80% performance (as compared to incandescent bulbs’ 20% performance), these materials last up to 22 years each.

Our rooms and amenities

  1. Cork studio floors

There is also another reason why our team decided on the floor to have a soft, soothing character. Kula’s studio floors are made with cork. Coming from an eco-friendly view, cork floors do not damage trees. This is because it is not wood but instead a dead tissue. Native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa, the material is sustainable as it is produced from tree bark, thus has an average lifespan of 200 years.

From a health point of view, cork’s natural absorbent property contains anti-microbes, thereby preventing yogis to get any unwanted bacteria from the floors. Lastly, in the eyes of our clients, cork floors are comfortable to walk on, lie on, and stand on for long periods of time.

  1. Radiant heating

Kula is not a hot yoga studio, but it does have and use radiant heat panels during the winter season. Our staff set the studio to the desired room temperature, which then directly warms the students instead of the entire place. This, therefore, helps us to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

  1. Eco-friendly cleaning products

Kula is aware of the diverse body types of our clients. In order to provide a more relaxing experience for clients with sensitive skin, we assure you that our cleaning products are eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic.