Kula Yoga Studio: A short yoga guide for beginners

Yoga came from an ancient set of beliefs in the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain traditions that strives towards spiritual discipline. Although in the West, it is more of a physical workout that consists of various poses or asanas. Whether you think yoga is a spiritual or physical activity, what it does to your mind and body remains the same, which is to strengthen, relax and energize.

Any person can try to practice yoga even without going to yoga studios. Kula Yoga Studio will teach you the basics of yoga below:

Prepare the things you need for yoga

You don’t have to have many things if you want to practice yoga. In fact, the only thing you’ll need is the ability to breathe. But certain things may help you become more comfortable, especially if you’re just starting out. Some of the things you’ll need are yoga mats and other props such as a yoga block or yoga belt.

Wear comfy clothes

When practising yoga, you’ll want to dress comfortably so you can breathe easier and better achieve a wider range of motion and flexibility. You don’t need to buy yoga clothing as long as you wear something comfy and won’t restrict your moves. Leggings, tank tops or sports bras are suitable clothes for women while men can wear comfy shirts and shorts.

Find a quiet place

If you’re trying yoga at home, see to it that you’ll have a quiet and comfy place to do your workout. Also, make sure you have plenty of room to move so you don’t run into a wall or any fragile things or surfaces around your home. Choose a quiet place where no one can disturb you.


Now that you have the things you need, a quiet place and comfy clothes, you can now do some warm-up exercises. Yoga can be a heavy workout so it is vital that you warm up your body properly. One of the initial exercises you can do for a few rounds is the sun salutation. The sun salutation exercises will condition your muscles to ensure a safer and pliable practice.

Learn some yoga asanas

There are plenty of yoga poses or asanas that can range from easy to difficult. Start by learning a few easy asanas which also fits your yoga goals. Hold each pose for three to five breaths.

Some of the asanas you can try are the standing poses, inversions, forward bends and backbends. Check out what poses you can try for each type of asana below:

  • Standing poses: Standing poses include mountain pose, tree pose and the warrior series
  • Inversions: Inversions include dolphin pose, handstand and headstand
  • Backbends: Backbends include locust pose, bridge pose and cobra pose
  • Forward bends: Forward bends include star pose and seated forward bend

Kula Yoga Studio: Things you need for yoga

Kula Yoga Studio: Things you need for yoga 

Kula Yoga Studio is a fitness centre that offers yoga classes for people of all ages. We offer different classes that you can choose from such as morning beginner classes and afternoon proficient classes. We will consider your background in other activities as well so we’ll know which category you fit.  

Items to purchase 

Yoga brings a lot of benefits to your body and mind’s health. Doing it regularly will maintain peace and balance in your life. Even if you’re just in your home, you can do yoga without the need for a personal trainer, you can just video and follow the instructions. 

However, if you’re not confident that you’re doing the right thing, it might be a good idea to register for yoga classes. You have options to do morning or afternoon yoga classes and the number of times you want to do it in a week. However, if you do want to attend yoga classes, some studios require bringing your own equipment. 

What makes yoga a good activity for everyone is because you don’t need a lot of things to perform it. There are only a few things that should be with you when you attend a yoga class. If you want to know more about it, refer to our list of yoga items below:

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is the most essential tool you need for yoga because you won’t be able to do poses properly without this cushion. This equipment helps you have your personal space and prevents you from slipping on the floor since you’ll sweat during the class. 

There’s a wide range of yoga mats that you can choose from and each one differs in size and thickness. You can also choose the colour and design you want, allowing you to have a bit of personalization to your yoga items. 

Although some studios offer to rent yoga mats, you’re not sure how often they clean them, so it’s better to just bring your own. 

Proper clothing

Another thing that you should consider when you attend yoga classes is the outfit you wear. When choosing the perfect outfit, always prioritize comfort because this will help you do the activity well. You can choose between a pair of shorts or pants, whichever will suit your preferences. Opt for solid coloured bottoms because they will go perfectly well with any top of your choice. 

When it comes to the top, you should look for something that fits your body well because loose shirts can become a distraction especially when you need to bend. Additionally, you should also invest in sports bras. Whether as an inner or not, sports bras help you become more comfortable when shifting between poses. 

Hair ties

It goes without saying that hair ties should be with you during yoga classes especially when you have long hair. Letting your hair down can be a big distraction because you won’t be able to do poses properly and they will stick to your body because of your sweat.

Easy yoga positions you can do at home

Easy yoga positions you can do at home 

Nowadays, you can find a lot of people posting their yoga positions on social media. At first glance, yoga may seem difficult because of the complicated manoeuvres. While it’s true that yoga needs training and practise, there are poses you can do at home that won’t need the guidance of a professional. So if you want to try out yoga, here are some of the poses you can do at home: 

Child’s pose 

The child’s pose is a popular yoga position that you can do. In this position, you can slowly stretch your lower back, hips, thighs, knees, ankles and shoulders. Additionally, it also relaxes the nerves in your spine and neck. The best reason to do this is if you want to loosen up your tight muscles. 

However, this pose is not advisable for people who have ankle issues and high blood problems. If you want to modify this pose, you can do so by resting your head on a cushion or a yoga block. Support your ankles with towels if you feel that they can’t withstand the pressure. Additionally, this is a good pose if you want to take breaks from doing yoga. 

Downward-facing dog 

A downward-facing dog is a position that strengthens your arms, shoulders and back as well as your hamstrings, calves and the arches of your feet. This position can help alleviate minor back pains. 

However, you should remember that this position is not recommended for people with carpal tunnel syndrome and high blood pressure. You can modify your pose by putting your elbows on the ground to take the weight off your wrist. Add yoga blocks if you want to be more comfortable. 

Plank pose 

Plank pose is another easy yoga position you can do at home. This pose is good if you want to strengthen your core and tone your abs. If you’re suffering from carpal tunnel, this pose is not recommended for you. You can modify this pose by placing your knees on the floor.

Four-limbed staff pose 

The four-limbed staff pose is a popular yoga pose that can strengthen your arms, wrist and abdominal muscles. Similar to the previous positions we’ve discussed, this is not recommended for people with wrist issues as most of the weight of your body rests on your arms. You can modify this pose by placing your knees on the floor. 

If you’re doing this pose, gently press your palms evenly on the ground and slowly lift your shoulders away from the floor. 

Cobra pose 

Cobra pose is a back-bending yoga position that can help strengthen your muscles and improve your spine’s flexibility. It also helps stretch your chest, shoulders and abdomen. If you think you need to improve your back’s flexibility, you can do this pose or modify it by lifting your arms. However, if you’re suffering from arthritis or have spine issues, this position is not advisable.

Top 5 reasons why you should take a yoga class

In recent years, yoga has become more popular. Many people started dipping their toes in this ancient practice dating back to India a thousand years ago. You can learn it on your own by watching videos and tutorials on the internet. However, it won’t be the same as taking actual classes at Kula Yoga Studios! 

Here at the studio, expert yoga teachers will conduct classes. They have years of experience up their sleeves and it’s a guarantee that each one of you will be given enough attention during the class. You’ll learn the basics of yoga in the first few classes. 

Once you’ve got a knack for the fundamentals, you’ll be referred to Kula Yoga Studios advanced classes to further elevate your experience! 

Benefits of yoga

There are tons of benefits from our yoga classes. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider enrolling in Kula Yoga Studios: 

  1. A good workout regimen

Flexibility isn’t the only thing yoga is good at. This ancient art is also a good workout routine especially for those who like to do things at their own pace. When applying yoga principles to your workout, you can adapt the practices at your own level of comfort. 

There are various routines in yoga that can fit your needs! You can customize the routine depending on your workout goals. There are many ways to incorporate yoga into your workout routine, all you have to do is be creative. 

  1. Helps you get in touch with your body

First and foremost, yoga is a spiritual experience that allows your body to meditate. Each movement in yoga routines is designed to stretch and strengthen your body to improve its durability. Moreover, this process helps you get in touch with your body both emotionally and physically. 

  1. Breathing techniques

A huge chunk of yoga exercises are focused on breathing. Most of the routines that you do are interconnected with the way you breathe. It helps strengthen your lungs so you can take in more oxygen so that all parts of your body gets enough air to function properly. 

Moreover, breathing exercises help clear the mind. Yoga encourages you to build a habit of a centred way of breathing. This way, you can manage stress and have a better grip on your emotions. It’ll also help you feel a lot calmer which can help bring peace to your everyday life. 

  1. Help irregular sleeping patterns

There are countless studies that link yoga to better sleeping patterns. This is because the routines help relax your body and reduce stress in the process which leads to better sleep schedules. The more relaxed you are, the better you sleep at night. 

If you have trouble sleeping at night, developing a yoga routine before heading to bed can help. Experts believe that light physical activity at night can help relax your body and increase your quality of sleep.

Kula Yoga Studio: Yoga poses for beginners

One of the things that the pandemic has made apparent to people is that fitness should never be taken for granted. Meaning while we can work all day and fulfil our various responsibilities, the main reason we can continuously keep moving and doing these tasks is because of our bodies. The state of our health matters at all times because nobody could afford to be sick, especially in the middle of a grave pandemic.

A good way to start your fitness journey is through meditation and yoga. Both allow you clarity, achieving peace, and the capability to move your body around any way you want it to.

Here are the top basic yoga poses you need to know to get started right here at Kula Yoga Studio:

  1. Child’s pose

This might sound a bit childish due to its name but it is nothing to laugh at. It is one of the most basic poses that can help you transition from beginner to advanced quickly. Additionally, you can do this pose while pausing from the rest of your yoga exercises.

All you have to do is kneel on the floor and push your body forward with your palms facing the floor and your head close to the mat. While you are doing this pose, make sure to relax your spine muscles and lower back, all the while breathing deeply.

  1. Downward facing dog

Yoga poses have quite a weird name but again, this is an important basic pose. This allows you to proceed to various poses and makes sure to relieve whatever pain you are feeling in your back. It also helps stretch your calves, arches in your feet, and hamstrings. Besides this, you can also improve the strength of your shoulders and arms.

To do the pose, make sure your feet are close but not completely apart and in line with each other. Now lean forward, stretching your legs without bending until your hands are on the mat completely without being bet. If your bottom is raised to the air, you are doing it right. Just make sure to properly distribute your weight through your palms and feet, away from your shoulders. 

  1. Plank

The plank pose is one of the most common poses even outside of yoga that people do. This is because it is already known that it can help build your strength if you do it consistently for short periods of time. The areas it can help make stronger are your core, legs, are, and basically your upper body.

To do this pose, all you have to do is to put yourself in a position similar to where you are about to push yourself off the floor. However, you need to remain in that position for seconds to minutes, making sure your elbows, knees, and legs are perfectly straight.