Kula Yoga Studio: A short yoga guide for beginners

Yoga came from an ancient set of beliefs in the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain traditions that strives towards spiritual discipline. Although in the West, it is more of a physical workout that consists of various poses or asanas. Whether you think yoga is a spiritual or physical activity, what it does to your mind and body remains the same, which is to strengthen, relax and energize.

Any person can try to practice yoga even without going to yoga studios. Kula Yoga Studio will teach you the basics of yoga below:

Prepare the things you need for yoga

You don’t have to have many things if you want to practice yoga. In fact, the only thing you’ll need is the ability to breathe. But certain things may help you become more comfortable, especially if you’re just starting out. Some of the things you’ll need are yoga mats and other props such as a yoga block or yoga belt.

Wear comfy clothes

When practising yoga, you’ll want to dress comfortably so you can breathe easier and better achieve a wider range of motion and flexibility. You don’t need to buy yoga clothing as long as you wear something comfy and won’t restrict your moves. Leggings, tank tops or sports bras are suitable clothes for women while men can wear comfy shirts and shorts.

Find a quiet place

If you’re trying yoga at home, see to it that you’ll have a quiet and comfy place to do your workout. Also, make sure you have plenty of room to move so you don’t run into a wall or any fragile things or surfaces around your home. Choose a quiet place where no one can disturb you.


Now that you have the things you need, a quiet place and comfy clothes, you can now do some warm-up exercises. Yoga can be a heavy workout so it is vital that you warm up your body properly. One of the initial exercises you can do for a few rounds is the sun salutation. The sun salutation exercises will condition your muscles to ensure a safer and pliable practice.

Learn some yoga asanas

There are plenty of yoga poses or asanas that can range from easy to difficult. Start by learning a few easy asanas which also fits your yoga goals. Hold each pose for three to five breaths.

Some of the asanas you can try are the standing poses, inversions, forward bends and backbends. Check out what poses you can try for each type of asana below:

  • Standing poses: Standing poses include mountain pose, tree pose and the warrior series
  • Inversions: Inversions include dolphin pose, handstand and headstand
  • Backbends: Backbends include locust pose, bridge pose and cobra pose
  • Forward bends: Forward bends include star pose and seated forward bend

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