Graduate Testimonials

“Taking the 200 hour Advanced Study and Teacher Training Program at Kula was a significantly defining and pivotal experience in my life. In addition to providing me with a solid understanding of the practical aspects of teaching yoga, the program helped me cultivate a much deeper understanding of my inner self, a stronger connection to my higher self, and a profoundly different perspective on the world and my place within it. It has given me greater access to my own capacity for healing, growth and transformation. I have more clarity and focus as I move forward in life – as a stronger, wiser and more compassionate being than I was before.”Julie, 2014
200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“Kula’s teacher training program has transformed my life; helped me to uncover my dharma and live it. The teachers create a wonderful environment for learning, discovering and living yoga. I was worried about spending too much time away from my young children, however I have found that my time at TT has been an incredible blessing, not just for me, but for my whole family. I have not only developed a deep understanding of asana and yoga practice, but I have also cultivated gratitude for all areas of my life. My heart is bigger for having participated.”Laura, 2013
200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“I went into the program to deepen my yoga practise. I came out with an increased depth in my being and in my life.

It was an amazing journey with many beautiful experiences, transformational interactions and connections with fellow yogis,many challenges for my mind, body and soul that were truly expanding for me.

Yoga is no longer something I ‘do’ a few times a week. Yoga is my life. My life IS yoga.

Thank you Kula for these precious gifts!”Wendy, 2011
200-Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“I took the teacher training at Kula during 2011/2012 and found it an exceptional program. It was exceptional because of the teachers, their methods and the group dynamic. I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to start to teach, wants to further develop their own understanding of Yoga and their practice. The layout was fluid, but thoughtfully defined, and the guest speakers provided many ‘aha’ moments for individual reflection not just specific to the practice of Yoga. I definitely will take other workshops and courses available through Kula given the experience I took away from this.”Melanie, 2011
200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate

“The Kula yoga teacher training / advance yoga training course was more than I could have ever expected. The experience was inspirational, as well as very informative. The instructors are very caring, patience and supportive, and teach from a place of honesty and integrity. They taught in an open forum where the learning offered a complete understanding, caring and compassion for your own body, as well as the student’s body. Each of us left with the insight and knowledge to work through any asana (pose), to offer supportive safe instructions and assistance to our own students.

Kula (the instructors) impressed me with all the professionals they brought in from each area (anatomy, spiritual, history), to help expand our experience (and knowledge). With everything we learned, we are not only expanding our own practice, but we are learning to teach from within. I am in a much more joyful, conscious place (connected with mind, body and spirit) to give more of myself, as well as receive what is offered. (meditation in motion)

I am very grateful for the amazing opportunity to learn and practice with the dedicated instructors, and everything they give of themselves. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with me.”Darryl, 2011
200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate